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April 18, 2012

End of the holidays - Lots of work piling up....

Getting started on the 330FE. These heads must flow pretty well as the valves actually measure a little bigger than those from an LS7 engine. Of course the valve pockets and openings would be the limiting factor.

The entire engine was pretty clean - in and out. The worst part of it all was the head gaskets. Either they used some adhesive to seat them or the motor got good and hot a few times!

Breaking out the measuring tools, I found that all the cylinders where reasonably fresh. No scoring, very little lip and runout measured 0.004" at the most, with most landing at about .002". Duw to the excellent shape it's in, everything is going to get a thorough cleaning, I'll hone the cylinders, replace the main and rod bearings, install rings and replace the freeze plugs. Along with the rebuilt carb and cleaned up intake vacuum lines, it should run very well.

I bought this dial bore gauge from Eastwood. A decent set for a reasonable price.
Here it is in action:

Lastly I chased all the head and crank threads. All that's left is to run the hone through the cylinders and replace all the rings and bearings. This engine will be set aside until I can decide which mill the rod will get, or someone I know needs it.

Would look good in something like this:

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