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July 4, 2015

International Harvester TEARDOWN!

With most of the 100+ fasteners removed, the front clips begins to come away from the cab....

                         Little by little - with a lot of muscle and finesse (if I do say so myself - lol!)....

It comes away!

The GM Stovebolt-like straight-6 is easily accessible now.

But the engine's tear down will wait for another day, 
 the rest of today was spent tearing down the front clip. 

Using heat from the Oxy-Acetylene set-up, along with a variety of impact-tools, including the impact driver and impact wrench, the bits gave way, one by one.....

 Until I was physically exhausted - and the truck was lying - in pieces.  I win again.  ;)

Below  the grille insert on the bench, ready for final dis-assembly....

 Other than a few bent bits and some dings in the fenders, the metal is in damn good shape - for a  all 60 year old truck that sat beside a beach all its life. Next week I'll finish disassembling the cab and box and it'll all be ready to go to the sandblasters.

The front panel has a baffle attached that re-directs air to the rad. It'll come off to be prepped and be painted separately. I imagine it will look great black against the baby-blue truck.

Stay tuned for more teardown!