September 27, 2014

I haven't blogged for a bit, taking a rare break from shop life, due to the 68 Camaro being in paint, all but the Datsun being complete drivers, and wanting to spend time with my growing family over the summer. As summer draws to a close though, there's maintenance to get done when you have a stable of cars and - with the family off to the family farm for the weekend - I got the chance to get a few things done on the E-fleet!

The Boxster I bought in May has been an absolute blast. If you love cars - and driving - you really cannot dislike the Porsche 986. It's fast, classy, drives great and looks even better. It's a car-lovers car. The battery was a bit low - which will happen when you don't drive a newer car enough to re-charge the loss due to "always on" electronics.

The 81 T/A has also been a blast this summer. Although its a straight up culture-bomb, an instant car-show wherever you go, its certainly not a drivers car like the Porsche. The T/A is for cruising, enjoying the sun, watching people react, hearing them yell: "Great ride!". It's been for sale - and almost sold this weekend - but when the buyers to-be pushed me on the price, I said "No way!" and took it back home. I'd sooner keep it than let it go too easily. Its become another strong part of the E-fleet!

                           In my attempt at styling our attached garage this year, I added this little display:

                           Now I just need to find replicas of all the cars I own in 'HotWheel' form!

Out in the shop once again, my tool box has become a shrine to everything (and everyone) I love:

 Mrs E-tek's Mini Cooper's brake indicator light wass on. Since I just did front pads last summer,  I summize it's due to the front or rear rotors being worn to the point that they are setting off the caliper sensors (damn sensors!). So, up on the hoist it went, with hydaulic jack lifting the front end -

Off came the front tyres, exposing the old rotors -

New Ate rotors - superior to stock in every way -

It took barely 20 minutes per side (and the requisite cussing!) and it was all done...

Nice looking parts too...

And since that entire execise took less than an hour, I still had some time (and energy) to pull the pistons for the 390 out of the solvent washer, clean them up and begin pulling the rings off each:                                                                                                                                                                                                              

More soon!
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