January 3, 2015

Serpentine hold up and ididit replacement steering column upgrade

The serpentine set-up was nearing completion - until a couple items ground it to a halt...

The March pulley kit didn't include a pulley for the AC pump, which was odd, since this was a specific kit to mount an AC pump.... Even worse, was that the serpentine belts themeselves weren't included - in a serpentine pulley kit...really?

While I was dry-fitting the AC pump to the Mrch bracketry, I found that the current fuel pump and filter set-up where going to be in the way unless I changed the entire set up...adding several more items to the parts store shopping list.

And speaking of parts store lists, I still need to find a thermostat housing that will work with this set up. 

While awaiting the AC pump serp-pulley and re-organizing the fuel-feed set up, I decided to move back into the interior to replace the old stock steering column 
with a state-of-the-art ididit column set-up.

In the engine compartment, the so-called rag-joint needed to be seperated to pull the old column out -  allowing the columns to be swapped out. 

                     Tomorrow we'll get the wiring sorted and begin on the dash and new gauges -

A bit of a shame to see the 'old-parts' pile continue to mount.....