March 15, 2015

SPEED TECH -Tubular front suspension install on the 68 Camaro

SPEED TECH parts are high qulaity pieces with laser-cut profiles, high quality inserts, power coating and hardware -

 First thing was dissassembly - which included busting the ball joints free -

                            Camaro already has adjsutable coil-overs, which just needed agood cleaning

Removal of the coil-overs was straight forward, Lower pocket mounts needed to be swappd over.

 Hopefully they are compatible with the new arms....
I put the same numbr of shims back in each side for now, 
but a professional wheel alignment will be required

New sway bar was also ordered in. Pretty sure the one I took out was already over-sized, 
but another 1/8" can never hurt - right?

Out with the old. I did take a photo yet, 
but the new control arms came with an ultra high end roll-bar end kit.

                       With the car way up on the lift now, it was easy to get at the last bits of wiring up front, so I connected up the dryer switch, as well as the AC ground conenctions.