October 28, 2013

Front end work on the 40

Hood and fender assembly -

                                                  Check out that SHINE!

October 26, 2013

E-tek/Dupli-color 240Z project is painted!

Using Dupli-Color's line of DIY-friendly Paint Shop paints, we put a beautiful blue hue on the the E-tek 1971 240Z! With no mixing involved and wide windows of application times and conditions, it's an easy way to get color onto any project.

                                       Visit the Dupli-Color/E-tek FB page here!

                            Check out the E-tek website at www.E-tekRestorations.com !

October 17, 2013

Camaro progress

Before the build-up....comes the tear down...


40 Ford Dash work

The dash is as intricate as the car - and is going to look great!

After some custom fitting - 

As well as some small repairs...

 The screw driver isn't permanent...

 The part of restorations no one talks about - and probably don't even get done in most repair

It's going to be a shame to cover up the engine....

October 11, 2013

Glass day....

Chase and one of his employees from Showtime Glass were back in action at the E-tek Shop today, finally installing the 40 Ford front glass and pulling the front and rear glass from the 68 Camaro project:

                                     First up, cutting the butyl tape from between the glass and body. 
                                                                   Now THAT'S a knife:

Some careful pushing....

                                                               And Viola - she's out.

                                                                Same deal, other end -

                A ton of really...lets say "unique" clips where used to hold the front glass mouldings on....

The 40 Ford is full of old-school "uniqueness". Since they couldn't make glass big enough to fill the entire hole back then, they made it in 2 pieces, and used a rubber channel divider in between. 

My 46 MErc truck has a similar arrangement and it's interesting to note how quickly one doesn't "see" the middle bar when driving.