November 1, 2012

 Finalized the Vintage Air system today, including routing all the hoses and wiring. Its a BIG system for sure. This is the heater control valve, which allows hot water to flow into the car when the heater is turned on. The cut you can see in the heater hose is where I had to put part of the metal tube (that I removed from under the intake plenum) back in, in order to keep the small tube in play, which siphons off coolant (hot water) to the throttle body (TB). This keeps the TB and it├Ęs sensors at temperature.

Heres that piece installed. Unfortunately, I like things to look clean and it makes for a lot of clamps...

Just below that I brought the vacuum and 12V lines out to be connected to the battery source at the solenoid.

Below Im hooking up power to the drivers seat. Gonna be a well-appointed rod!

The wiring harness from Its a Snap came with only 3 connectors pre-set and one was for the high-low dimmer switch on a GM column!

Sometimes hoses that fit one end are really tight at the other end. In these cases I often use a heat gun to soften the hose and WD-40 to help it slide over the connecting tube.

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