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July 19, 2013

1940 Ford Fenders.....continued.

Nearly finished one of the fenders
                                  - a couple rounds of primer and blocking and it'll be good as..... well, good.

On to the other side!

1940 Ford Metalwork

The left fender that came with the project was pretty rough -with someone having welded several patches in with thick, heavy welds and other damage in many areas. We brought in another fender, which I though HAD to be better, so I sent it straight to the sand blaster...

Once the metal was bare, I was shocked to see that this one was actually worse than the first fender!

Metal rod, sometimes used to shape and strengthen a fenders edge, was welded in haphazardly, not even close to the edges in some spots.

 As well, splits, tears and holes that were poorly welded were now evident as well.
Here's the same area on both fenders:

 ......which would YOU choose?

I chose the original (black) one, due largely to the better edge, no rod and fewer tears....

However, there were still a lot of issues to address:

I used this dolly to help shape the edge where the previous repairs had been made - 

Using the slapping file, I then evened out several larger areas - 

The metal file takes off weld faily quickly and allows you to see the highs and lows too.

Here's an example of a low area that can be worked out with the hammer, 
then the pick so that little to no filler will be required - 

 Working out one of the patches -


The top-side must have been caved in, then bat back out with a sledge hammer!

After a lot of hammer, pick and dolly work and filing. After a once-over with the DA and it'll be ready for primer.