March 30, 2015

Finishing touches - Part 2

At the end of a build I always go through the car and make sure everything is up to par. On the Camaro, I thought the front markers were OK, but once everything around was new - well, they stood out  - for being OLD. New parts were ordered, delivered - and installed.

Talk about details - as I was hooking up the new wiper motor, I noticed the "E" was missing from the knob some careful detailing brought it back out,

Th car was without wipers since the firewall was shaved a while back, but since it was now owned by one of the RCMP's finest - and wanting to make it a driver  - meant it had to have working wipers!

Luckily, the original wiring and connector were tied off behind the engine, 
so it was still "plug and play"!

Everything - right down to the squirters!

50 years of pullin' gears meant the shifter bolt inserts had pulled right out of the floor so,
 after locating the holes through the padding and new carpet, 
new inserts where installed to give it that "as-new" feeling.

Before the console was re-installed, it was treated to a coat of SEM black. Doing it right meant first cleaning it up with prep-paint solvent and then giving it a coat of sand-free adhesion promoter prior to painting with SEM "Landau Black"

Stay tuned for final photo's in the sun!

OK, one teaser!