September 28, 2012

1940 Ford Rod: dems da brakes

Got the rear brakes sorted out and ran the e-brake cables to their respective locations in order to meet up with the e-brake handle and cable up front.

 The undersides of the Rod are in excellent shape, all of the metal having been restored  some time ago.

Locating an e-brake cable clip in the floor pan -

Up front I opened up a hole for the forward e-cable, then put a pry-bar in it and bend the frame wall such that the cable would go in at an angle where it would more easily run along the rail.

Next up was installing the gas pedal and then installing the LOKAR throttle cable system

With the pedal mounted in a spot that allowed full travel, I then attached it to the throttle cable end -

then cut both the outer sheath and inner cable and  attached it all to the throttle body linkage up front.

An issue we need to deal with is the angle that the steering linkages are at.  As can be seen below, the column is currently mounted so that the lower-most knuckles are at too-severe an angle, which could lead to binding. There's two possible fixes for this: try to find some block-hugger style headers so that the linkages could be moved inwards reducing the connection angle or, move the lower end of the steering column further outboard thus bringing it more in-line with the steering box.

 Stay tuned to see how it turns out!

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