February 1, 2013

Details, details...

Getting down to the fine details on the 40 Ford before it goes for paint. Which aren't minor, and take a lot of time, so I guess they aren't really details....are they?  ;)

Today, more dash work -

Fitting the billet aluminum dash gauge face plate:  Although made for this application, you need to double check all this before paint. Even it it fits - snuggly - that's too tight. The application of primer and paint will add several mils of material to the edge, material that will flake off with the slightest pressure - so the plate has to fit in easily, with a slight gap. That meant material was going to have to be removed.....

I removed material from the edges of the aluminum plate with 80 grit, then 120G and finally - and only because it was on the unseen edge - finished it with 240G. If you did this on a forward facing piece, it would have to be finished with 600G (at least).

Next, I whipped up some new tabs to be welded to the back of the dash to hold the dash plate.

A set screw will allow for some adjustment -

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