February 1, 2015

After all the brutal 'over the fender' and 'under the dash' work of the past few weeks, I'm looking forward to getting to some easier  - easier on my body at least!

The owner of the Camaro purchased some JVL 6x9 speakers for the rear shelf, which (I felt) needed to be undermounted, prior to the rear shelf cover going down, so as not to have to cut holes in everything and use the included grilles on top....

 I began by usin

Pg an awl to locate the mounting holes through the sound deadening material...

Giving me an outline to work my

With some help from my son, Colton, we secured the speakers with some 1.5" screws 

The rear cover will remain in its shipping plastic until the rear glass goes in.....

With all the tubing now taking up real-estate behind the dash, there's no room for the ash-tray.

So my answer is to remove the tray portion from the face plate and re-install just the face plate portion. First, I needed to seperate the two bits -

On to the doors,, I started stripping off the parts that need to be transfred to the new doors. Here I'm using an impact driver to remove the scriws from the cats whiskers - 

1968 Camaro - AC Pump and IDIDIT column

                     With the dash pad loosely installed - and the new AC pump having arrived this week - I decided to leave the interior for a bit so I could get the engine and its componenets buttoned up....

If you've been following along closely, you'll recall the first AC pump I was given for the Camaro was too long for this application. After a couple tries - and an hour or two of research -   I finally figured out the issue....

  Last week a new, shorter AC Pump arrived (courtsey of the owner) and today - it got installed.

This pump has a compeltely different hookup, which looks like it'll add some complexity to the AC hook-up, but that's something for the specialist to worry about....  My job is to get it all installed!

And.....after about 30 minutes - it was in.

       Another few minutes (!) and the Rad was back in place as well  - ready for coolant!

stay tuned while I finish up the column install and get on with re-instaling all the windows, chrome and various acroutemounts needed to complete this sweetheart ride!