August 24, 2012

Cool garage!!

After a day of golf last week I drove by a new subdivision and this house caught my eye - it has a drive-thru garage with roll-up doors at either end, a lift and room to work and store stuff.

The large house caught my eye, then I saw the semi-transparent roll-up doors - of which the open side showed though to the other end where there was another roll-up door. I took a peak inside and called out but no-one answered, so I knocked on the front door and asked the very lovely wife if I could take a peek. She told me it was her husbands baby (of course) and he was a farmer and broker - sounds like a good gig!

Above is from the inside looking out, under the lift.

Nice storage - all in workshop red.

 Below - just some of the toys that were at the ready. 
There was also a tricked out ATV on the lift and more bikes in another area.

Thanks to the lovely Mrs and her cool husband in Warman, SK!

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My son Colton and I decided to try our hand at a few "How - to" videos. This is his first attempt at making videos:

E-tek Restoration: 67 Cougar Metal Work 1

E-tek Restorations: 67 Cougar Metalwork 2

E-tek Restorations: 67 Cougar Metalwork 3

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