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December 6, 2011

Electrical issues slowing me down!

Due to the cut steering column harness, the new engine and lights harnesses, as well as having to re-hook every last wire and having to re-time the dizzy.....in addition to the foot-starter system, this sweetheart is proving to be a pain to get running! Even the 1974 Dodge Challenger, with it's complicated MOPAR electrical system, was easier to get running!

I spent some time last weekend re-timing the dizzy (for the third time!), just to be sure. It all matched up again. I reset the points and then turned it over again. It fired, several times and is "close" to running, but still has not. I'm sure it's something simple, but just haven't found this old girls sweet-spot!

Today, with the Internet, it's easy to confer with experts in every area. I started a thread on the Stovebolt Forum and got a little more advice from one of the members there. Once I get back to it Thursday I'll be armed with everything I know, plus anything else I can learn in the meantime. It WILL start!

Which will be bitter-sweet, because it's really the LAST thing that needs to be done. After 350 hours over nearly 2 years, I'll be a little sad to see it done!

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