January 6, 2014

68 Camaro 2.0: Replacing Right quarter panel and inner fender

Replacing Right quarter panel and inner fender

Using sandpaper to spot the spotwelds"

Use a drill or spotweld cutter:

                           With safety gear in check:

Split carefully with air chisel:

Factory used lead at roof joint. Oxy-Acetylene torch melts it quickly - 

Clean it up with heat and a wire brush:

Separate inner fender (wheelhouse) from quarter panel:

Remove rusted out chunks, excess filler and undercoating:

Slowly making the way around all panel edges, drill, separate and grind your way to panel removal:

The inner fender is next - but there are a lot of ways to skin this cat....

Depending on how much is rusted or damaged, one way is to cut 1/3 to 1/2 of each panel and weld them together. This can be done by putting a flange in one side or the other, or butt-welding them together.

First, all the undercoating needs to be removed. Carefully using the air chisel, an oscillating tool or needle scaler.

I decided to install the entire inner wheelhouse by cutting the original right next to its inner-most contour:

With the inner portion held on with Vice Grips, the outer can be test fit to see what else needs to occur for it to fit flush at all points. Two or three test fits are normal.

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