November 25, 2012

Engine Management System

Time to get down and go to town on the EFI....

First, I stripped off all the tape, vinyl wrap and corrugated tubing:

With the corrugated tubing removed, the wires take up a lot more space!

Now I could see all the wiring and trace each to it's source, as well as where it terminated. Many wires go nowhere, due to the engine being pulled apart from the donor car and many of the firewall-residing components won't needed on this car (Vapor canisters, solenoids, etc.).

The alternator was first to be completed, running the power wires to the starter solenoid and the excitor wires to a relay, fired by a wire from the aftermarket wiring harness that connects the GM style column mounted ignition switch.

 Those are wiring schematics on the computer - really! Jokes aside, the page open is actually

 The corrugated tube contains wires from the new wiring harness installed in the car. They include connections for the lights, oil pressure and water temperature, as well as the horn.

Odd materials used by the OEM's...

These relays switch the EEC and old AC system. Half will be removed.

Believe it or not, it's all organized: