November 25, 2012

Details, details....

Time for some catch up posting!

I wanted to get a lot of detail work done sp that if I needed any final bits and pieces I could get them and keep the job moving. As well, getting most everything else started or out of the way will give me a clean slate to concentrate on the wiring.

Gas filler neck is going to be a modern set-up, with the breather cap inside the gas door and a no-spill filler neck:

The old piece - can you say CRUSTY!

New piece from a modern car:
Fitting the upper piece:
Then the lower piece....

Looks good from the top side. Lots of fanagling to get the lid to fit properly...


Next up was doing a trial fit on the hood latch system:

With those items checked out and parts ordered, I decided to finally dive into the EFI wiring system, then mate it to the aftermarket harness and finally, wire up the rest of the car.

One thing you hear a lot about when people wire up cars - or any time something goes wrong with the electrical system - is bad grounds. That being the case, I made sure the basics were covered, like an engine to body strap, as well as strong battery to frame and frame to body cables.

While buying, I grabbed a 12V power supply to install in the console or under the dash:

 This is what the wiring behind the dash looks like now. Once the dash is mock-wired it'll come off again and everything will be finalized.

 White Zip-ties are still loose, until all wires are routed: