October 9, 2015

Ford Runabout Rod Build: Part 2, fitting the flathead

The flathead was winched into place between the frame rails of the circa 27 model T runabout

The original, early-style water pumps had to be replaced with later-style ones. The difference being that the early engines mounted up front, with a front and center bar whereas later Flatty's mounted at their waterpump bosses.

Oddly though, when I went to mount these new (NOS? I wish. More likely Chinese repop...) pumps, I couldnt turn one of them past a full revolution. I wondered why? I took it back off and looked at the impeller base - do you see it? The litle bit of casting flap? Whatever it was it was hitting the inside of the block. A quick swipe with the angle grinder and it was gone though.

And so back to the task at hand...

And plop! Between the rails she went.

        Looks sweet! Stay tuned for the suspension....the cross members, mounts, suspension points....and the 10 million other bits that make a simple rod..... :)