January 19, 2012

Crozon Family visits E-tek for the BIG REVEAL!!

Today was a big day at the E-tek Restoration Shop, as one of the original owners of the freshly restored 1956 Chevrolet 3100 came to see the finished product.
After a good look at all the details, we fired it up and Mr. Crozon sat in the truck that he and his brother purchased, 55 years ago! I hope it brought back many pleasant memories!

LEFT: The owner and his son, Warren, who helped his brother-in-law Trent tear the truck down when they couldn't find a "retail" shop to perform the work.

BELOW: The Crozon family. During their visit they told me several stories of how relatives would come out to the farm as children and drive the truck around the farm. Sounds like quite a few people learned to drive in this sweetheart of a ride!

Over the next few weeks Warren will be trailering the truck to an undisclosed storage spot to await the spring thaw. At that time it'll be back for a final road test and to install a few parts that are still on order.
As a token of appreciation, they gave me a die-cast replica of the truck - same color and all! It'll look great in my collection and be a nice reminder of the restoration. Thanks Warren!