November 4, 2011

Bits and bites....

In order to hook up the oil sending line to gauge pods oil guage, I had to stretch the oil line into the dash, then get the pod very close to being seated in order to mate the two. Once I had a couple threads caught, I was able insert a 5/16" wrench in behind to slowly tighten it up.
On that note: every time I use an open end wrench lately I tell myself I'm going to buy one of the new ratcheting open-end wrench sets, but haven't pulled the trigger yet. Definitely one of the more useful tool inventions of the last while (IMHO)!

Although I meant to buy new plugs several times as well, I noticed today they where actually in decent shape - the electrodes being square and full. So i gave them a quick buff on the wheel and gapped them to 0.025".  (One of my pet-peeves is replacing plugs that have many thousands of miles left on them!)

I threw in one of my batteries to get power to some of the systems. This allowed me to start tracing lines and getting things powered up. It's one of the more time consuming - and patience-testing - parts of a total resto!

A few last items got a coat of Zero Rust, including the hardware for the chrome trim, as well as the mouth of the filler tube. After all that work cleaning and sealing the tank, we don't need a source of rust right at the entry point!

The next full day will see the doors, winsheild and backglass installed. Then it'll really look like a completed project. Stay tuned!

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