November 3, 2011

Beauty - in the eye of of the beholder?

If you've been reading this blog, you know it started part way through the restorations of a 1956 Chevy Apache Stepside - but it's not the only truck around the E-tek compound. This 1946 Mercury M100 is one of the rarest "yard-trucks" you'll ever come across. While not restored to the fine level of detail as the Chev, is it any less beautiful to an enthusiast?

While I'm proud of my work on the Chevy - and love it's big round lines - there's another part of me that thinks all is right with the world when I see a truck like the Mercury still working as it should.

On that note, todays task for this 65 year old work horse was a dump run with 700 pounds of junk and bags of leaves. Every fall the Merc gets loaded (sometimes even overloaded!) up with all the crap that builds up around the house and shop and gets driven to the dump. On the way there  people smile and wave and when I stop for gas, or to weigh in at the dump, guys invariably ask if it's for sale and often strike up a conversation of seeing one in this or that field. No one ever says they used to have one of these though - I guess it's that old!

That reminds me - when I first bought the truck, the kids said we whould call it the "Old Man". That name has stuck and I've even ordered a "personalized" plate that says: OLD MAN!

Soon enough it'll be time to park it for the winter - tucked into it's corner in one of our garages - just waiting for May, when it can be put back on the road for another summer of yard work and parades.

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