December 20, 2015

Ford Runabout Rod Build: Front-end and cross member

Sourced a decent 221 Flatty and crank for the E-rod and brought it home:

Being a one-man show is hard on the back!

Working hard to get the front end situated... here I'm going to cut off the existing 
front cross member - with the downward bow in it, and replace it with a straight 
piece I fabbed from a F150 tyranny cross member.

With a temporary hold made of some old angle iron to hold the frame rails in place,
 I ground out the factory rivets then drove them out with the air-hammer.

The cut-down F150 cross member fit like a glove - 

And the leaf spring set-up slid right in - 

The angle finder helps keep the frame rake in check.

However, the rear-end as mocked up with drums on the axle-ends, 
so I'll have to make allowances for that once its on tires and wheels.