July 5, 2015

IHC truck tear down - continued!

Continuing the tear down.......

Removing the fenders - 10 rusted bolts per side. Requiring a LOT of heat, plus some cutting...

 Beefy 8-bolt hubs are bomb-proof!

Previous repairs - someone knew how to O-A weld!

Last time it was registered even I was young!

 Angle-iron on tailgate was welded on in order to accept a sheet of plywood.
 Now it has to come off.

Amazing the mice have not stripped this out!

Old filler popped out long ago...

Running boards are solid

Right fender was repaired several times - badly!

After the bolts were removed from the underside, the repairs where all cut away

Massive 12-stack leafs!

Top stacks are floaters!

Via www.E-tekRestorations.googlepages.com !