April 19, 2015

Now that the Camaro is  nearly done - little details really stand out and one thing that looks out of  place now is the rake - or how high the ass-end is sitting:

 There are a couple ways to remedy this on a leaf-sprung car: including changing out (or de-arcing) the spirngs, or by adding blocks between the leafs and the axle, effectively lowering the body, by raising the axle -

The kit's long U-bolts where about 1/64" larger than the originals, necessitating my having to drill out the brackets and plates to allow the new U-bolts to pass through -

Aluminum blocks from the kit are placed between the axle and leafs and the new U-bolts hold it all together - 

Unfortunately, I found that when I attached the lower plate, which locates the lower shock mount - the shock now interfered with the wheel rim. Some online reaearch showed that you also need to change out the lower plates, for ones that re-locate the lower shock mount inward. 
Deteroit Speed makes a set.

So, everything was put back to the way it was and the DSE lower plates were ordered up.