February 1, 2015

1968 Camaro - AC Pump and IDIDIT column

                     With the dash pad loosely installed - and the new AC pump having arrived this week - I decided to leave the interior for a bit so I could get the engine and its componenets buttoned up....

If you've been following along closely, you'll recall the first AC pump I was given for the Camaro was too long for this application. After a couple tries - and an hour or two of research -   I finally figured out the issue....

  Last week a new, shorter AC Pump arrived (courtsey of the owner) and today - it got installed.

This pump has a compeltely different hookup, which looks like it'll add some complexity to the AC hook-up, but that's something for the specialist to worry about....  My job is to get it all installed!

And.....after about 30 minutes - it was in.

       Another few minutes (!) and the Rad was back in place as well  - ready for coolant!

stay tuned while I finish up the column install and get on with re-instaling all the windows, chrome and various acroutemounts needed to complete this sweetheart ride!