January 2, 2015

Cruiser Camaro - serpentine set up

When I'm presented with complicated put-togethers, I generally like to start by doing a dry-run on the bench:

                            One things for sure: March makes some nice pulleyds and brackets....

          Instructions say to set up the pulleys like this,
                                             to ensure the new set up lines up as did the old one -

With everything off the engine, I started by dismantling the power steering unit, removing the old pulley -

Since it was  torn down, I took the opportunoity to hit it with a fresh coat of paint, 
along with some bumper bracketry - 

Every fastener got a smear of anti-seize, to avooid what happened when I removed the water pump pulley....

On the engine side....more bracketry

                              Back on the bench, the AC unit and alternator will get new pulleys as well -

                               Stay tuned to see the whole mess come together - hopefully!

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