September 2, 2013

'68 Camaro Z-28 Restoration - Teardown

A lot of cars look good driving down the road. Most look good in photo's too. Well here's a car a that looks good in both - but the closer one gets, the more one really see's...

Upon removing the trunk lid I noticed that it fit well, so I decided to drill some alignment holes. I don't always do this, but when something fits  it's worth it to keep it that way and save some grief on re-assembly.

On a side note - It's critical to keep storage spaces - especially vehicle storage spaces - DRY. One cannot do enough to ensure that this is the case and I find it's best to use several different methods to ensure that moisture is kept at bay. Unfortunately, the Camaro must have been in a mosit storage space as evidence of water damage can be seen in the trunk floor - which has rust stains from parts that were stored in it.

Hopefully the actual floor under the black paint and sealant isn't too much worse.

The moisture rusted any exposed metal, like these pieces and nuts under the trunk spoiler -

And even the contact screws on the Amp. Lucky, the owner got it out of whatever storage it was in.

Chrome work will need to be redone to match the new paint!

Here's how the first restoration was done.....and if you know what you're looking at, well....nuff said.

But, if you need some help, you're looking inside the trunk, up under the side quarter. ;)   The last hackers just chopped the original quarters off "somewhere in the middle", then stuck re-popped quarters on over top, filling the overlaps with filler. The worst kind of restoration for sure. My Dad used to say he wouldn't let someone like this work on his wheel-barrel!!

 They didn't even TRY to seal the overlaps much less bother to cover the bare welds....

When I removed the trunk lid, I noticed "add-on" weather-stripping used to seal the lid against the trunk rubber. Also not a good sign, so maybe drilling those alignment holes was for naught!

The deconstruction continues.....