August 13, 2017

Changing gears: 1971 Datsun 240Z restoration

Time to totally change gears and work on the 240 said that I had painted in the shop with Duplicolor paint about two years back. Everything is there to complete it, including a few thousand $$ in new parts, but other projects got in front. I told myself I'd finish it for my sons 16th birthday and he turns 14 this year so time to get cracking!

The engine has to go back together before I can get to everything else that needs to be done to renew this sweet 71 sports that's where I'm starting...

 After 2 years it's lucky that everything is labeled and in bags. This is the most important thing you can do in a restoration! Fuel pump was bolted back on after timing cover was reassembled.

 I had previously removed the cam and timing chain sprocket to change the timing chain. It's quite a bit of work to get it back on and to time everything properly by getting all the marks lined up.

 Once the timing chain and sprocket are back in their correct location it was time to affix the exhaust and intake manifolds.

 The oil pump on the 240Z has to be removed cleaned rebuilt and the distributor gear clocked property before being reinstalled. I used two different Factory manuals to get it back into the proper sequence.

 The pan bolts barely required 3 ft pounds each and at first I had them at 5 would squeeze the neoprene seal out past the edges. Easy Does It!

 Cleaning up and reinstalling the block off plate.

 After looking in both manuals and everywhere online I could not find a single source that showed the sequence to reassemble the relief valve spring and cap in the Datsuns oil pump. I finally figured out so for other people's future reference here it is:

Stay tuned as I complete the 240Z's 6 cylinder engine renewal and get it back in the car on the way to finishing another awesome restoration of a classic motorcar!