March 5, 2017


After many hundreds of hours on body work, the International S120 is finally getting a coat of high-build primer! The inside of the box is still a little on the rough side, but the outsides are 98% so it was time to get it primed.

First things first - clean up: anoterh 4+ hours were spent getting everything put away, sweeping up all the filler, vacuuming up all the filler dust and then blowing out every nook and crevice (twice).

And with everything cleaned up, it was finally time to buy and mix up the primer. 
At $200 a gallon I cetainly don't want to waste any of it!

Mad Scientist at work!

First coat - you don't realize how much surface area there is on a vehicle until 
you have to go over every inch of it - both inside and out.

I use a metal gravity feed gun for primer:

Inners too!

Phew!!!  SIX solid hours of priming makes for one sore arm!! 
Although its a milestone, it only means the start of the (first) block-sanding stage....