January 19, 2015

Parts, plugs and patience!

Via www.E-tekRestorations.googlepages.com !

Lots of parts and pieces needed have come in, making if possible to finalzie many of the jobs.
 Rag Joint for Ididit Steering column:

90* fitting for fuel pump:

New 3/8" fuel hose:

Chrome capped bumper bolts:

....and with those, it was time to pre-asssemble the rear bumper bar:

Odd marks around the square cut holes....hopefully not a place for rust to start!

Newly painted brackets - 

Fuel lines get a corrugated cover for extra protection -

Notice the 90* fitting making the fuel line much more relaxed,
                                                           with no pinch-points that could sever

Replacing the V-belt pulley for serpentine on Sanden AC pump .
Here I made a wrench to hold the pulley still while I loosened the centre bolt - 

With the Serpentine pulley on, I tried the pump in the space again...

But the ass-end is still up against the engine block....

 With the AC pump back on the bench - until more research proved it to be the wrong model for the kit.....I got back to wiring and got 'er nearly done:

                          Lots of solder used on the fused link 12V+ that powers the gauges -

Remote GPS mount for speedo - 

the lengths I go to make everything right, watertight and gutten-tight!