October 4, 2015

Ford Runabout Rod Build: Mocking up the E-rod

 Well, after collecting most everything needed to build a rod - then having it all sit around the yard for a year - I finally got to pulling it all together and into the shop - yay!

After humming and hawing for weeks about whether to use a custom frame made from 2x3" tubing, I finally said 'fluff-it" and decided to use the original frame for the project. Reasons being are 2-fold: First and foremost, I already have it. Second, It's an ORIGINAL Ford piece. And third (did I say 2-fold?) it's made of good old FORD Vanadium steel and I've been reading a lot about Ford's use of Vanadium so I'm fairly sure it will be able to withstand the Flathead power and hold the even lighter than stock bodywork.

I measured the flatty and the body shell against the frame and then pulled the shell to where it should sit going forward -

                  Then, I cut the rear portion of the box-frame off the body shell with the sawzall -


Leaving just the frame section protruding underneath. 
This section will be cut and Z'd next in order to get the ride-height set.

Here is it, ready to set the engine in between the frame rails. Once I get it sitting in there I will be able to measure for the engine mounts. Of course I still need to pull the truck-only front mount off and replace the water pumps with ones that have the integral mounts on them.

Just a little of the bling I've been collecting for the E-rod....

Stay tuned!