April 3, 2015

Spring-time fix: 1946 Mercury truck Steeering box

A few weeks back, when the snow was starting to melt, I got anxious and set out to move my 46 Merc Truck form its winter slumber spot - on the street out front. Unfortunately, the ice still had a good hold on the front tires so when I went to crank the wheel, some thing went "Sproing!"

So now that the ice is completely gone - and the weather cooperating nicely -  I wanted to sort out the issue that occured with the steering box a couple weeks back....

Luckily, it was just the top bolt that let loose fro the frame.

The captured nut was still in place, so either the head of the original bolt broke off, or it pulled from out of the threads of the captured nut. Seeing as how there is no remnant of the bolt in the nut, I'm guessing it pulled through the threads....

So I found a same-sized, same-threaded bolt and inserted in through the original captured nut. Then, to ensure the bolt doesn't pull through the nut again, I threaded another nut onto the protruding end the new bolt.  Job done!  The "Old Man" as we call it, will see duty for a 69th year!