November 14, 2014

Camaro - trunk and floor prep

The paint turned out absolutely georgeous!  color-sanding leaves quite the mess, so I spent an hour cleaning buffing compound (and residual clear) out of every nook and cranny!

After wipeing with water, I used a Wax and Grase remover to clean it for paint, also removing some errant tags from the new sheetmetal -

After cleaning that stuff off, I prepped the trunk area in order to spray trunk-paint on the floor, wheel wells and inner quarters.

This is what it loked like before - 


And after a few coats. Of course it'll all be covered with Dynamat and carpet....

The main compartment was treated to the same cleaning, then the Dynamat was laid out in order to check sizing....

Check the piece for behind the kick panel area - it's about 3" too long and 1" too trimming is required.