October 1, 2013

E-tek's REAL WORLD RUST PAINT COMPARISON: Test Panel installation

How's this for a "Real World" test?

My Dodge Caravan may not be the coolest (OK, maybe its the LEAST coolest) car to grace this blog, but its a MULE - in this case, its our test mule!

Remember the rusted panel that was painstakingly prepped and painted with both POR15 and Rust Bullet Rust paints? If not, check HERE. If so, continue on!

The panel was secured to the bottom of the Dodge Caravan:

In this position the panel - and rust paints - will be exposed to some of the MOST SEVERE conditions known to man. This van will be driven about 30,000kms (12,000 miles) across the highways of Northern Saskatchewan through some of the most severe climates on earth - including temperatures that can dip to minus 40 (Celsius or Fahrenheit - as they meet at that temperature). lots of snow, slush. salts of all kinds and plenty of sand and gravel.

So really - lets FINALLY see who's Rust Paint comes out on top!

ONE YAR TEST UPDATE:  August 1 2015:  See it HERE