December 7, 2012

A little water, some oil and LOTS more Spaghetti!

This week was again taken up with a lot of electrical work - which is looking good, with most circuits now working in Start and Run.

Also added safety circuits to the heater/AC system -

Checked and re-checked grounds -

Checked the rad and lower hose by adding clear water first (who wants to clean up antifreeze?) -

Of course there's a lot of system parts that won't get tested until the first run up....

But for now the project moves forward into other areas. Tomorrow I'll start building the custom console from the patterns I made a while back. MDF will serve as the backbone and I'll finally get to use a router I purchased last summer!

On another note, a neighbor offered me his '81 TransAm CONVERTIBLE, which were built from factory T-top cars from 1979-1981. This is a very nice 1981 car, with the 5.0L, full loaded with Air, Tilt, Cruise, all original down to the wheels, but with new dealer-issued BFG radials. Another great toy to look forward to playing with come spring!!!

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