November 29, 2012

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Got the gas filler neck connected to tank. Looks angled down here but it's not. Still, we'll test it to make sure it fills properly, otherwise I may have to shorten the uppermost section a bit more, but that's "rod-work"....

Finished tracing and labeling the EFI harness and got all the various bits grouped into systems. Doing so I found that the MAP (Manifold Absolute Pressure) sensor and BP (Barometric Pressure) sensor were missing (likely still in the donor car).

 I can now pretty much delete the AC section as we're using a Vintage Air stand-lone system here and can tie the GM column mount ignition switch into the IAS aftermarket harness and then have it fire the Ford EFI system.

 Left for tomorrow will be matching the correct wires to the "Run" and "Start" circuits to activate the entire system.

With the grounds all carefully gone through, including this cable from the manifold to firewall, all that will be left is connecting up the custom rad hoses and filling the respective fluids and we'll be in "fire" mode!