October 14, 2012

Wiring to wipers

Got a start on the wiring system today, which included some web-research to see how others have gone about running these systems and how they have interfaced them with the Ford EFI system.

On the seat are the systems for the lights, Vintage Air AC system and the shaved handle door opening kit:

The "modern" Ford Alternator has six (6!) wires feeding it! The generator on my flathead engine has 3. Is that progress? ;)

Unlike doing a restoration - where every part is original and was engineered to fit and work together, a rod takes the mock up of everything, sometimes several times, well before it gets painted. You can't be jacking around a newly painted vehicle trying to get pieces to fit for the first time!

Here the original vacuum controlled wipers are being mated to the aftermarket electric wiper motor:

There's also a of working ahead involved - such as getting the vent window and integral side window surrounds rebuilt in order to fit the power windows.

The Cougar rear end was re-installed yesterday - here's how it looks painted with Por15's Chassis Black, with a primer-orange pumpkin:

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