September 27, 2012

1940 Ford Custom Rod - starting line

Got started on the 1940 Ford 5.0L today!

As this new project came with a multitude of boxes filled with new, used and 'extra' parts, my first task was to go through everything and organize the parts it into interior, engine and body so I could find what I needed as I work on each area. The owner has also purchased most of the custom parts required for power doors, power windows, the A/C system and interior pieces including gauges, so my task is clear: figure out how it all goes together - and build it! ;)

There are also a lot of original parts that will need restoration - 
including window frames and the headlight bucket assemblies.


First up was sorting out the engine wiring harness and learning what goes where. Second was getting some of the parts mounted and out of the way:

Next came the installation of the the A/C pump on the bracket the owner had previously fabbed up. Below are the 3 original aluminum brackets the new one will replace, making it a much cleaner system.

Here's the bracket made by the owner, which re-locates the AC pump higher up and away from the inner fender, where there was little room for it. Rather than cut the inner fender, this will put the A/C pump up where there is lots of room given the tall hood on the '40 Ford.

And here's everything mocked up. The belt may need to be re-sized, but I'll wait until the tensioner is properly located and the other belt is on before getting a final measurement.

 Looking at the bottom end, I noted the pan is very close - and maybe touching - the cross member. I'll keep an eye on this as we move forward and it may come down to notching either the x-member or the pan.

 Stay tuned!

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