August 19, 2012


 I've found over time that the topic of welding wires can get confusing, but like many things, trial and error - and advice from others - is often the way to success. MIG wire can be purchased from cheapo-tool outlets like PrincessAuto and Harbour Freight, industrial application places like Acklands, as well as welding-sepcific stores like Cannox. After years of buying various wires, I've settled on ESAB or Lincoln brands, which are made by welding-specific companies and not sold in the cheapo tool outlets. Although all the part and classification numbers may be the same, the higher-end wires seem to flow better, require less Amperage to burn and thus don't burn through as easily and weld better over small metal imperfections like rust and paint. They generally come in 5 and 12 lb spools, so give them a try if you haven't.

Welding up the final piece of the Cougar puzzle!


This section of the Cougar was hit hard and repaired poorly - so it fell to me to cut away the worst of it and then make it whole again. After about 20 hours of fabricating and welding, the piece fit well and matched up to the quarter extension that bolts to it:

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