March 29, 2012

I see spark - but no flame!

Here are all the things installed over the past week: Left of the dial gauge is a toggle switch for the electric fan system - which will allow me to over-ride the auto-on feature, thus saving battery power. Last year, I found that when it turned on due to heat-soak (when the engine was switched off) it would kill the battery in short order.The only time I really need the fan to come on on is when waiting in a line-up on hot days. In those situations the temperature can climb to over 250F, but with the fan on it will stay at 180F.

The A/F gauge has both an LED sweep and a digital readout, which shows both instantaneous information as well as real-time data.

The black button to the right is for the Flame Thrower system. It's a momentary switch that lights up the spark plugs in the tailpipes. But even though the plugs have plenty of power arcing across them, no flamage! I guess I'll have to do some tuning to see if I can richen it up enough to produce some flames.... shows just how efficent (and environmentally freindly?) the old 390FE is!

As the Cougar will be here a while and I need to get other cars on and off the lift, I did a little re-organizing. I put the lift on it's casters and rolled its in front of the main door.

The Cougar is now tucked into it's own area with lots of space around it for my
brake, metal bench and welders.

This also left enough room for a dedicated engine area,
which can be draped off when they are back from the machine shop.