November 19, 2011

Doors and more!

Went motorcycle shopping with Mrs E-tek today. She likes the softtails.  The day may end up costing me $30K.... So, back to work!

After motorcycle shopping, I got a little more done on the Chevy prior to the owners coming to check it out.  With those adjustments, the doors close very nicely. (Not Acura nice - but 50's Chevrolet nice.)

The gas tank line - from the cab to the rail -   needed to be hooked up in order to get gas for the next start up. Of course, as go most things in the resto of a 60 year old truck, one of the lines had a seized end on it, so after first trying several spray-lubes, heat and knocking the fitting loose, I ended up cutting the end off and flaring on a new fitting. Once the end was free I was able to hook the parts up so fuel will once again flow to the pump and engine.

The truck is looking the part once again. Here's a photo of the front end, nearing completion.

As with so many things, it's the details that make the whole. The hubcaps, with creme colored centers, with white-wall tires, really give a nice contrast to the trucks robin-egg hue.

After a couple months in this position, I cleaned up the shop, got a 390FE engine I'm working on (for the Galaxie) onto a stand and out of the way and swung the '56 over. This way there will be enough room to get the box done without danger of being too close to anything else in the shop.

Here's that 390 I put on the stand. One day it'll be as clean as the truck (with twin turbo's too)!!

Stay tuned!