November 14, 2011

The big run-up to completion!

This week is going to go a LONG way to getting her to look like a complete project. After (too) much time on stuff you can't really see (wiring!), I'm about ready to install the doors, the bed wood was beautifully coated by one of the owners and the rear fenders are here. As well, on Friday the F & R Glass goes back in.

Once I get some of those parts on, I'll move it back to the  lift. That'll give me more access to finish up the brake system, rear light wiring, do a basic alignment and tune it up.

Stay tuned - by next weekend I hope to be taking some "Near completion" photo's!

Yikes, after a year and a half and nearly 300 hours on this's time to start thinking of the next project.... :)

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