October 23, 2011

Tune in this week!

Now that nearly all the parts are ready and have come together and the 1956 Chevy Apache 3100 Truck has it's basic components attached, we are feeling the home stretch nearing.  This week we are putting eveything else on hold to go at it full throttle. With some long days devoted to this single project, we can get deep into tasks like wiring the dash, hooking up the gas lines, bleeding and adjusting the brakes plus assembling the bed wood. Once all that is very near completion, we'll be able to hang the doors and attach the box fenders and steps, the front and rear bumpers and have the glass installed.

This is where the "magic" happens - and by magic I mean where my sweat and stress turns into a finely finished vehicle! My last project, the E-tek Chili-Challenger, really came into being when the strobe stripes went on and the bumpers where bolted up. It's a time when you can easily put in 12-14 hours days seeing so much progress and not wanting to stop until it's done!

Stay tuned!