October 14, 2011

Eastwood's Rust Products

One of the biggest parts of any restoration is the repairing - and abatement - of metal cancer: RUST. It never sleeps, so you have to either remove it, or kill it. Sandblasting or cutting is the only way to remove it, both of which aren't always feasable - or necessary.

The other way of dealing with rust is to arrest it by either chemically converting it to Iron Oxite from Iron Oxide, or by permanently sealing it from Oxygen and moisture. As one would imagine, there are LOT of products out there claiming they stop rust and it's difficult for the layman to know which products work and in which circumstance. That's where I come in.

Several products roducts I've been testing this year are from Eastwood. They have a Rust Encapsulator, which is applied to rust and "fixes" it, or makes it inert. Once dry, you can apply various topcoats, like a primer, or their Chassis Black paint, or - as below - a sprayable undercoat.

These are splash sheilds from the 56 Chev Apache product we're currenlty working on. They had a sprayed undercoating on them from the factory (or dealer), so I wanted to replicate that, but needed to make sure the rust wouldn't keep cooking underneath.

I like to pour it direclty on the item to be coated, then wipe off the excess (you can't return any to the bottle). Once it's been on for 30 minutes or more it turns black, which means it's working. The product will dry to a hard shell, at which time it's ready to prime or Top Coat.

As I mentioned, I elected to use a sprayable undercoating on these pieces. For this I used a product from Safety Clean, but many manufacturers have something similar.

More to come!