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June 24, 2017

1956 Binder post-paint reassembly

with the truck painted and the bed textured, it's time to start reassembly!

Of course you don't throw old, rusty, crusty and bashed up parts back on a fresh body....First off, let's tremember what the parts and pieces looked like when we started the project....

Pre teardown....



     Not too nice - but 60 years of wear, tear and age will do that!

Having done nearly 20 project over the same period of time, I've amassed a ton of paints and specialty coatings for detailing all the parts and pieces of various builds. 
Each has it's purpose and every part has a different sheen, tint and texture 
and its the matching of those that makes the final prroduct.

Before paint however, the parts need to be sanded, prepped and primered..

 Lots of POR15 to be applied to the undercarriage and attached parts! I've tried and tested quite a few different undercoating/rust paints ovwr the years and Ive never cime across a bettwr preparation. Its tough as nails, adheres extrememy well, looks like a factory chassis paint and is easy ri apply and touch up.

After paint, many of the threads need to be 'chased' so that the bolts that bolt them to thier siztwr parts will go back in:

Once painted, the contrast of ancillary parts against the fresh paint on tje vehicle always makes the vehicle 'pop'!

   Aftwr the major bits are detailed out, there's lots of chrome and other  bits to be dissassembled, prepped, painted and polished.

Again, don't forget where we were just a few months ago! Another few months will see her ready to run and  able to provide many years of fun and service!