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September 30, 2016

1956 International Harvester 4x4 truck Restoration - Sorting odds & ends

 With the major metal work nearing completion, its time to mock up the truck parts again and check for gaps, fitment and see if anything has been missed. Front end is going together here:

Beautiful all metal work of art

Now's the time to take stock of all the bits and pieces that will need to be cleaned, repaired and painted once the paintwork is done:

The original gauges cleaned up beautifully. Now I need to go through them to ensure they work.

 Original Steering wheels (made of Bake-o-light) has a history of cracking and coming apart on the metal backbone. Restoration of these is another skillset learned over the years:

Here's an example of one I restored for a 57 Chev 3100 Pickup
 (the truck won 1st Place at Draggins Car Show 2 years in a row):

And, while we're going down memory lane....

1969 Camaro Complete Restoration, completed 2015

1940 Ford Coupe complete restoration, completed 2013.