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November 6, 2016

Closing in on 400 hours....

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400 hours seems like a lot. That's 10 work weeks. But if you say 2 and a half months, it doesn't seem that long. Thing is, restoring a vehicle is almost ALL labour charges. While a body shop would charge $100.00 per hour, which would be $40 grand to date, I'm half that. Restoring vehicles and paying retail is cost prohibitive for most people, not to mention having way more into most vehicles than they can ever be worth when sold or insured. I'm happy to help though as I love my side job, love restoring great vehicles and always appreciate a great reason for restoring something for someone.

On the '56 International 4-by, the filler work is coming along. The box was by far the worst of it, but it now has a new floor, is reinforced to way more than factory standards, is completely rust free and getting straighter by the hour, as is the cab.

Filler work on right door. The side had entire bottom portion replaced with new metal -

Filler work on box - a minimum of fill was required due to so much work in metal finishing.